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Automatically respond to customers while you focus on running your business

It may be hard to believe, but a staggering 97% of phone calls to a business go unanswered. Bad news for business owners who are busy with clients and can’t always get to the phone, because 80% of callers sent to voicemail do not leave a message. For the small percentage of customers who do, the average time until someone listens to the message is eight hours.

Lack of communication from a business is the number one frustration for a potential customer.

Roughly 71% of interested buyers will end a relationship with a business over a lack of communication, which results in an estimated $75 billion in lost business each year.

Automated chat, the modern answering machine

That’s the problem our platform, QR Codes for Chat, helps small business owners solve with automated chat.

Automated chats are available 24/7 and are the fastest and most reliable way to respond to inbound consumers inquiries. Customers using our platform have seen a lift of 35% or more in new customers by adding automated chat.

If you are interested in learning more about the business benefits of chat, checkout this article.

How it works

With QR Codes for Chat, you can easily generate QR codes that instantly open an automated chat with your business. They can be added to signs, post cards, flyers, vehicle magnets, and pretty much anywhere else you are promoting a phone number or website. Scan the QR code below with your phone camera to see what the experience is like. Or, if you are on your phone you can click here.

Our platform also makes it easy to add to your Facebook page and website as well. We offer a library of pre-built templates that can be used to automatically capture customer information, schedule appointments, offer promo codes and content, and even connect the customer to live chat with you. Live chats are pushed to your phone via text and you are able to text back to respond.

No need to monitor a website or download an app to respond to customer messages anymore.

Getting started

What if our chat solution converted just one more missed phone call, website chat, or Facebook message into a customer each month? What would that be worth to your business?

Currently, QR Codes for Chat offers a free 14 day trial and a monthly plan for $20 per month.

Why not give it a try, risk free. Click here to get started.

We also host daily webinars where we share live demos, answer questions, and walk you through the end to end process of getting started. If you’d like to join one, click here.


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